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G Beavan Funerals of Bowral
34 Station Street Bowral
Phone 02 4861 7351

G Beavan Funerals of Bowral

Australian, continuously family owned and a trusted part of the community since 1883


G Beavan Funerals of a Bowral is proud to be an independant family owned and run Funeral Director. Our heritage and strong family values continue to drive our commitment to offering exceptional quality, meaningful value and professional care to community members when they need it most.

G Beavan Funerals of Bowral have been a large part of the Southern Highland community. We’re in a very unique position to claim that we are the longest operating funeral home in the Southern Highlands and have been caring for local families since 1883, over 133 years. To be around for that length of time is a testament to the passion of G Beavan Funerals staff past and present and a sign of their community spirit, compassion and empathy.

The secret to our success is the dedication of our staff, who strongly believe in their profession and want to deliver the best possible service to our community into the future. Our team at G Beavan Funerals of Bowral has a genuine, personal desire to provide a service of quality and meaning to families through our compassion and empathy

We offer a full range of funeral services and can offer advice on aspects of funeral arranging.  Contact us today and we’ll use all our experience and care to make sure this journey is meaningful, respectful, and uncomplicated as possible. We’ll take care of everything and walk you through the details step by step. to ensure your service is a truly unique occasion that celebrates and honours yours or your loved ones life.

Beavans’  family helping you and your family honour the ones you love with Grace, Dignity and Respect

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