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Repatriation Services

Outgoing Repatriation Services (24hours, 7 days a week)

We truly have an international and domestic presence with partners in Europe, Africa, North America, Middle-East, South Pacific, Asia and Australia. There is no geographical limit, nor language barrier.

Added to the natural grief of losing a loved one, a death abroad increases the distress of the family members who have to deal with all sorts of problems that they are rarely prepared for.

Our professional and caring staff, are experienced in managing precisely this type of situation and immediately give family and friends the relevant support right up to the funeral and beyond.

We will take care of every detail so that you can express your love and respect towards the deceased the way you wanted as we understand that not every funeral is the same.

When we receive instructions to organise the repatriation of the deceased from Australia we act immediately to eliminate any further delays or problems if our own agent is not involved.

To facilitate this, we will require a passport, name of overseas funeral director (if known) and will require the following information to be supplied.

We arrange repatriations for many Insurance and Travel Assistance companies and also deal direct with family members. We work with the Australian Police, Foreign offices, Embassies and Consulates both locally and abroad for the emergency repatriation of the deceased.

Our services are available globally from any location to any destination, not only from Australia. We also assist many Australian citizens who wish to be buried or have their ashes repatriated back to their country of origin.

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