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What To Do?

What to do when someone you love passes away

When you lose a loved one it is often the first time that you will have to directly arrange a funeral service, this can often be the most can seem to be the most confronting

When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred.



When your loved one is at a nursing home or hospital in most cases the facility will contact on your behalf.


AT HOME - (Under the Supervision of a Doctor)

Contact the Doctor and once the Doctor has provided the required Certification call us

The doctor will also need to know if you are choosing a Cremation at this time as additional paperwork is required.

In each of the above situations G Beavan Funerals of Macarthur will bring your loved one into our care as soon as possible 24 hours a 7 days a week



 - (Sudden death not under the supervision of a Doctor)

It is most likely that initially in these situations an Ambulance is called to attend, the police will be notified and they will arrange the transfer of your loved one.  it is possible that The Coroner may be requested to determine the cause of death. If that is the case then G Beavan Funerals of Macarthur will then communicate directly with the coroner helping you through the coronial process and bring your loved one into our care once it has been completed.

In any of these situations if you are not sure what is happening or you need advice or assistance

SIMPLY CALL US on 02 4861 7351  (24 hours / 7 days)

From the moment you call the team at G Beavan Funerals, we will guide you through this process helping with all aspects and the decisions that will ultimately need to be made and providing you with all the support and direction to help you through this difficult time.

We have compiled a list of steps below that we hope will help you with any questions you may have with the funeral arrangements after the loss of a loved one.

Things you will be asked by our team:

  • Has your loved left instructions for your funeral arrangements.
  • Did your loved one indicate a preference for burial or cremation (if not this is something you as the family will need to decide).
  • Has there been a person appointed to handle the estate? (The power of attorney ceases once a person has passed away)
  • We will ask for personal information about your loved one (this is required for The Department of Births Deaths and Marriages) such as full name, birthplace, children’s names and dates of birth and parent’s details.  If you have any official documents or certificates this can often be helpful to bring along to the arrangement.
  • Preference for location of service, officiant, coffin, floral tribute, newspaper notices will also be discussed
  • An estimate of the final cost will be discussed at this meeting and staff are of course available to answer any questions you may have.


The staff at G Beavan Funerals of Macarthur are on hand to assist you with any questions 24 hours a day by calling us on (02) 4861 7351

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